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"Yes, I aim to be original when making art, but more importantly, I work hard to be authentic."

I was born in 1958 in Harrow, north-west London. A few years later the family moved to Bournemouth and (apart from periods of residence in Israel, Hong Kong, Australia and Bulgaria) I have lived there since.
At 28 years old, I rediscovered the fun and joy of creating art. I have taken the occasional formal art class but am largely self-taught through many many hours of experimentation.
I begin the creative process in a variety of ways: perhaps reinventing a previously taken photograph or simply following my intuition. 
I work on paper, wood or canvas; use oil paints, soft pencils, charcoal, palette knives, various implements and brushes. The practical method involves many layers of paint and a lot of reworking.

I play the tenor saxophone and clarinet, electric double bass.
For some quite relaxation, I'm studying A level mathematics.

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